Here we are yet again transitioning from one season to the next. My summer was great and I hope yours was too. As much as I would like it to continue, I am also looking forward to what’s next. As the Bible says, “For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven…” Summer is for fun, relaxation and celebration. Local traffic decreases and resort area traffic increases. The weather calls us out of doors, we get lots of vitamin D, we feel physical better and emotionally more balanced. And, we are reluctant to let go.

As soon as they days start to get slightly shorter, as the gardens begin to fade and leaves show tell tale signs of “things” to come, we say things like, “Oh no summer is over”. We post forecasts from the Farmers Almanac about the horrors of the upcoming winter. In other words, we miss what is left of this great time of year by focusing on everything we dislike about the upcoming seasons. And, in the process we totally miss making the most out of what is left of summer as well as the beauty that autumn will bring.

It is quite common for us humans to fall into our habitual patterns. It’s not wrong or right, it just is. The question becomes, does this work for you? Or, would you like to be able to be present exactly where you are and enjoy all the moments have to offer you? Transitions are not very easy for most of us. In order to create smooth transitions, it is important to be present so that you can clearly experience what is, without attachment to the outcome. That way, you can be open to whatever is supposed to happen next. For example, if you are totally present in your summer experience and fully enjoy what makes you happy, you will become fulfilled and ready to welcome what autumn has to offer without a feeling of “losing” what summer offers. What’s to loose you made the most of it and it’s simply time for a new experience.

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