Dreams Do Come True

How many times have you wished your dreams could come true? How many times have you heard other people wish their dreams would come true? It’s almost as if we spend a lifetime wishing for something elusive, something “out there” somewhere. Judy Garland sang about it. Walt Disney built an entire industry around it. Books have been written about it, people deliver motivational talks about it. Others interpret them. And, yet, we still mostly believe that dreams are for dreamers.

What if I told you that dreams absolutely do come true? I’m curious about the various responses that question elicits. I know there are some that would absolutely agree with that question. Some may consider the possibility for a bit before responding. And, in my experience, most might say something like “What planet do you live on?”

I’m not talking about a dream that occurs in a sleeping state or a daydream. I am talking about the dream that is an aspiration, a goal, an objective. I am talking about the Walt Disney version of making dreams come true, only in the real world. It happened to me and it’s happened for many others.

Back in 1987 I had a dream of owning my own business. For twenty-years, I listened to my own fears and I let them drive me away from what I knew I wanted but was too afraid to attempt. It was through working with a Coach that I was asked one very simple question. What thrills you? My immediate response was, “Nothing that thrills me can make me money!” To which my Coach replied “How do you know?” Because, I said, “I need a regular pay check, I need benefits, I need security, and I have bills to pay and obligations to meet.” He asked me once again, “How do you know?” “I just told you”, I replied. He said, “You did not tell me how you knew, you told me what you are afraid of.” And, that was the turning point for me. That was when I learned how to lean into my fears, how to embrace them and make choices based on what I wanted and not what I feared. It allowed me to turn my long standing dream into my reality.

Then there is this wonderful woman I know, who found herself in a variety of life changing situations all at once. She lost her husband, and needed to fully support herself for the first time. At the same time for various reasons, she needed to change her career. She felt very lost and very stuck. As is always true for us human beings, she was lost and stuck in her fears. One day she described the job of her dreams and was asked what stopped her from going for it. She explained that it did not exist. It was a job she felt was quite necessary for a certain group of people. She knew the person who might be interested in her idea and when it was suggested to her that she approach him, she recoiled. She admired him; saw him as someone special and above her. Why would he listen to me, she asked. After all he is a world renowned individual. After a period of reflection, internal processing and help from a Coach she was able to see that her idea was quite valid. She began to research it more, developed a proposal and submitted it to him. Within a very short time, she did create the job of her dreams, moved out of state to pursue it and is traveling around the globe helping this special group of people.

So, I ask you, what are your dreams. They don’t have to be something hugely dramatic or life altering. It could be something quite simple. It might be something you already have the ability to create and just don’t know it. I once worked with an individual who owned a company and was successful at managing it. Yet that did not seem enough for him. You see, his dream was to be a CEO. He did not believe he had it in him and settled for being a good manager. Once he was able to see that he was quite capable, he had the intelligence and the desire, he just did not know how to make the necessary changes to become a CEO. Within a short six months, he was on his way to becoming a great CEO, which he is today. He simply needed to pull back the curtain, look inside and be willing to commit to doing what he needed to do to make his dream come true.

Our dreams can and do come true when we are willing, committed and brave enough to believe in them, do the hard work it takes to change because we know we’re worth it!

As Walt Disney says, “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” There comes a time when we need to stop talking about our dreams and do something, one step at a time is what it takes.

What will your step be?

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