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work-with-maureenWhat is coaching?

Coaching is a process built on a trusting relationship between a coach and a client. The process begins with helping the client understand where they are now, where they want to be and what is stopping them from achieving their true life purpose. As human beings, we are subjects of our egos, which is based on the fight or flight system. Its only job is to keep us safe and alive. It creates fear and fear creates avoidance. It’s also a bit insidious, it’s all unconscious. It is what causes us regrets from the past and projects us into the future. The past we can’t change and the future is filled with “what if’s”. When we are in the past or the future, we are not in the present, which is our only reality and the only place we can make things happen.

The role of the coach is to always have the client’s best interest in focus. To serve as a truly objective third party, without attachment to any outcome other than what the client desires. The coach is not a judge but a guide. A person, who is highly skilled in observing, listening, understanding human dynamics and having the ability to ask very powerful questions designed to help the client gain deeper insights. It is these insights that provide the basis for the client to continue to learn, grow, break down obstacles and achieve their goals.

Individual Coaching

Work with me on a one to one basis. The process begins with a free consultation where we get to meet either face to face, by phone or Skype. You get to understand who I am as a coach and what my process is like and I get to learn more about what you are hoping to achieve.
Once you commit to coaching with me, we will set up a time to build our alliance and design your coaching journey. This includes agreeing on your goals, how we will communicate and the frequency of our sessions. During your sessions you will learn to:

  • Become more mindful in your approach.
  • Identify choices
  • Set priorities
  • Embrace change and transition
  • Balance work, family and personal time
  • Seize opportunities
  • Enjoy life

And in between your sessions, you will continue your learning by choosing specific homework that will keep you moving forward.

Group Coaching

Group coaching follows the same process as Individual Coaching. The only difference is that it includes up to 8 people who are working on a similar issue. For example, Empowerment, Small Business, Mindfulness or Leadership Coaching. In this environment, clients learn not only from the coach but their peers as well.


Hypnosis is the process of relaxing one’s body to be able to access the sub-conscious mind while closing out external distractions. Opening up the sub-conscious mind makes it possible to place positive suggestions through words and imagery. Typical topics are stress reduction, weight loss and smoking cessation, but hypnosis is useful in improving many aspects of your life. For example, it can improve sports performance; diminish past fears and obstacles, increase confidence and self-esteem, eliminate fear of public speaking among others. Individual and group sessions are available.

Unlock your professional excellence and success while balancing a rewarding personal life. Begin your journey of discovery, fulfillment and achievement by calling me at (508) 251-2031 or email me via the form below:

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