Power of Perspective

As I sit on the shore of Cape Cod Bay writing this article, I am reminded of how complete I feel here. It’s a place in which I feel totally relaxed, there is no chatter going round and round in my head. Normally, I am a person who needs to be doing something. Here I can just be, I can enjoy each moment for what it is. All my senses feel alive here including my intuition. Everything is different in this most gorgeous place. My mind feels open and spacious, creative thoughts emerge and I feel peaceful. It is a place I call my Truro Perspective in reference to its location.

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Communication: The Key to Successful Relationships

What do you think about when you read the word relationship? Does it conjure up thoughts of romance? Or perhaps business, world politics, friendship, family? Does it bring up happy memories, painful memories, confusion? Is it exciting, motivating or does it feel like hard work? Does it bring up safety and security or does it feel threatening? I’ll bet right now your heads are spinning. The fact is that we can all answer yes to all of these questions even those that oppose each other because we’ve all experienced many different forms of relationships with many different outcomes.

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Time Management – Fact or Fiction

Have you ever noticed how much time we spend complaining about time? It’s quite a strange phenomenon, don’t you think? Now, more than ever in our history, have we had so little time, doesn’t it feel that way? The fact is that we have exactly as much time as anyone ever had, since the beginning of time. The questions are what we are doing with it, why we are always looking for more, and trying to figure out how to “manage” it. How many times have you said or heard these words, “If only I could manage my time better.” First step…call MYTH Busters!

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New Years Resolutions…Are They Working? The Secret to Success

As we approach the end of each year, most of us find ourselves reflecting on the year past. Too often we focus on what didn’t work and seem to take for granted the things that not only worked, but far exceeded our expectations. The small surprises, the little miracles, the huge accomplishments seem to slip into the shadows. It’s true that our experiences are our biggest teachers and it’s important to learn from all our experiences not only our failures or challenges.

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What is Your Personal Value


I was speaking with a client recently about what their personal value was and he began to list off words that identify values such as honesty, integrity, empathy, etc. I told him that I was going to repeat the question and asked him to listen carefully and proceeded to ask “What is your personal value?”  My client was silent for a moment then looked at me quizzically and said “I have no idea”.

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The Power of Perspective

Have you ever woken up in the morning simply feeling off your game, logy or just in a bad mood?  Before you know it that mood seems to take over your entire day. You become cranky, short, and don’t even want to be with yourself.  Or, perhaps you start the day out just fine and then have something happen that sets you off and it takes over your day. At these times, it’s easy to feel miserable, blame circumstances or other people, which can turn into a downward spiral. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we were able to prevent these types of occurrences?  Here’s the good news, you definitely can. All it takes is changing your perspective.

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Summer – How will you make it the best one yet?

Think of the last time you enjoyed an incredible summer. What was that like for you? What did you do? How did you spend your time? Who did you spend time with? What was magical about it? Summer is a great time of year; the daylight seems to last forever, the weather, however fickle, is more conducive to being out doors and enjoying life in a different way.

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What’s Your Personal Mileage?

Recently, I purchased a new car with lots of cool features. One of which is a digital mileage tracker that displays the average miles per gallon as well as the instant miles per gallon. On a road trip this weekend, I was hyper focused on that indicator. Trying to figure out what I was doing or not doing when the mileage consumption changed. It’s like I was obsessed with the thought I could make it better and then I could make it the best.

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