About In Demand Coaching

Maureen Letendre, Personal & Professional Coach

My passion lies in being the vehicle through which people turn their aspirations and desires into their reality.

I am very passionate about being a personal and professional coach and absolutely love my work. Prior to becoming a coach I spent most of my professional career in the field of Human Resources. I was very lucky to find a career that matched my natural inclination to help people. I was quite fortunate to have great mentors and be offered many opportunities. I worked in large corporate environments and several family owned businesses. I learned constantly and was quite successful, starting at the very beginning and earning my way into executive management.

I was mostly happy in my career, until a series of events caused me to pause and created an opportunity for me to ask “What’s next?” It was this question that changed the course of my working life. Having hired executive coaches to work with various CEOs, I was quite familiar and highly impressed by the process. So, I decided to hire a coach of my own.

I told my coach that I needed a change. Life was good, but something was missing and my career was no longer as fulfilling as it once had been. One day, he asked me a very simple but powerful question, which is a corner stone of the coaching process. He asked, “What thrills you?” Without taking a breath I answered “Nothing that thrills me can make me money.” He then asked me how I knew that. ‘Easy”, I said, “I need a regular pay check, I need benefits, I don’t like sales or marketing and God knows I am not smart enough or inclined enough to learn how to do either of them.” He asked me again, how I knew. I looked at him with confusion saying that I just told him and I didn’t know what he wanted me to say. That’s when the magic happened. He said, “You didn’t tell me how you knew, you told me what you afraid of. Now, give me at least one fact.” I opened my mouth and nothing came out. Nothing, I didn’t have any facts. He was right I only had fear.

From that point on, we began to break down the fears and work on each obstacle I had placed in my way. Eventually, I found my true purpose in life. I stopped making excuses and created a plan to achieve that purpose and am happy to report that it worked.

I am passionate about what I do and the results I see in my clients. I work on my own terms, in my own style and am in service to people who want to make their lives better.

Coaching changed my life and it can change yours as well!

I am a Certified Co-Active Professional Coach through the Coach Training Institute and accredited through the International Coach Federation. I am also a Board Certified Hypnotist and the co-author of a soon to be released book entitled “Today’s Superwoman…What to do When Your Cape is at the Cleaners”.